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`Bike of the Week!` No. 1

14th March 2017

Genesis Flyer 2015 So I've decided that it would be good to have a `Bike of the Week!` post every...well, week to highlight some of the awesome creations that people have got out there, especially as I've already been getting suggestions of bikes that need to be shown off! (So we might have to start with more often than once a week to catch up on the backlog!) And, as it's a Tuesday you'll be able to look forward to your early week boost to power you on through your work/study/holiday. SO, without further ado......drumroll please....

`Bike of the Week!` No. 1 - The Genesis Flyer (2015)
I've decided to include this one first because its my current fixed-gear weapon. I will do a full review on this bike later, but in summary, of all the fixed-gears I've ridden this has got to be one of the best! It's a fast, oh-so-smooth and light fixed gear that just keeps pushing you to spin faster to try to keep up with your geared-bike riding friends (gearies? In fact I think a certain dictionary of the Urban area defines this word in a very fitting way for those who ride with gears). A better wheelset will be my next upgrade to it though for that even snappier feel, but its a big, old, "Well done, Genesis" from me!

EDIT: I would just like to add that I am in no way affiliated with Genesis - I'm simply a customer who bought the bike out of his own pocket at normal price giving his views.

Credit to All Terrain Cycles for the image.