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21st July 2017

Hello again folks! Less jolly today unfortunately as my riding has been severly hampered...

I had a break from cycling over the exam period, and went on holiday with the Windsurfing club from my uni, so hadn't cycled for a while. I then went back to the usual blasting around on my fixie, up the local hills (which are usually not that steep, but can get as bad as 25%!!!) as well as doing some longer rides on my Genesis Flyer. However I clearly must have gone too hard, too fast as I bust up my ankle somehow - one day I was riding fine, then next I was unable to even turn one stroke of the pedals. I figured a couple of days rest at worst would be the solution, so didn't ride oonce for a couple of days, but still me b***** ankle wouldn't let me cycle. I waited a week before going to the doctors only to find that I had achilles tendonitis and that I would have to go easy for the next 3-6 months?!

As you can imagine I am therefore not best pleased at the moment, but thought that I would use this opportunity to remind you guys about something that I had clearly forgotten - fixies are great (obviously), but make sure to ease yourself back into it a bit after a break, especially if you are going to grind up hills as hard as you did before your riding break. If I'm honest this is more a reminder to my stupid self than anyone else, but hey ho!

Right - self pity over. I promise that I'll bring you something more interesting next time!

Integrated Lights

18th March 2017

Post Image Just a quick one today. I stumbled across this beautiful bit of bike engineering and had to share it.

I'll admit now I'm a big fan of integrated lights. They are both so pretty and so conveinient. Just picture the scenario - you're late for work, its dark, you can't find your lights/light fittings/etc, you finally find said lights, but they have no battery as you were cold, wet and too preoccupied with getting some food and a nice warm bath last time you came in. Then compare that to the hopping-on-the-bike-oh-it's-dark-no-problem-I'll-flick-this-little-switch-on-my-handlebars-and-LIGHT scenario! You see now?

I've seen lots of examples of integrated lights but this example here from Naked Bicycles has got to be one of the neatest, and most subtle. The particular example in the picture is actually from a custom cargo bike that they made a few years ago, but why not on the fixed commuter? I think it beats this (albeit pretty ingenious) set-up I'd say!

Credit to Bike Rumour for the image.

16th March 2017

What blog about fixies and singlespeeds would be complete without this quote?

"Variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles rather than by the artifice of a derailleur? We are getting soft. Give me a fixed gear."

Henri Desgrange, 1903

Post Image

Henri Desgrange was a well known and respected cyclist in his own right, having 12 track world cycling records to his name, including the hour record when he achieved 35.325 kilometres on 11 May 1893. That may not be considered much by today's standards, but when you see the bike he was racing on it puts Bradley Wiggin's custom-titanium moulded-super-fancy-chained machine into perspective!!! But he is prehaps best-known for being the founder of the now world famous Tour de France.

Credit to Anon - Wikipedia for the image.

`Bike of the Week!` No. 1

14th March 2017

Genesis Flyer 2015 So I've decided that it would be good to have a `Bike of the Week!` post every...well, week to highlight some of the awesome creations that people have got out there, especially as I've already been getting suggestions of bikes that need to be shown off! (So we might have to start with more often than once a week to catch up on the backlog!) And, as it's a Tuesday you'll be able to look forward to your early week boost to power you on through your work/study/holiday. SO, without further ado......drumroll please....

`Bike of the Week!` No. 1 - The Genesis Flyer (2015)
I've decided to include this one first because its my current fixed-gear weapon. I will do a full review on this bike later, but in summary, of all the fixed-gears I've ridden this has got to be one of the best! It's a fast, oh-so-smooth and light fixed gear that just keeps pushing you to spin faster to try to keep up with your geared-bike riding friends (gearies? In fact I think a certain dictionary of the Urban area defines this word in a very fitting way for those who ride with gears). A better wheelset will be my next upgrade to it though for that even snappier feel, but its a big, old, "Well done, Genesis" from me!

EDIT: I would just like to add that I am in no way affiliated with Genesis - I'm simply a customer who bought the bike out of his own pocket at normal price giving his views.

Credit to All Terrain Cycles for the image.

A Touring Timelapse

12th March 2017

I was browsing through my touring photos last night both becuase I was procrastinating but also because I'm getting my touring/cycling bug again and came across this timelapse. It was of one of our best wild camps just close to Tre Cime national park during the recent around-Europe cycling tour (which I'm sure you'll hear more about don't worry!) I did with a friend last summer, as we were packing up in the morning to leave.

To get there we'd cycled up a very long, very steep road that nearly broke our knees, and along a gravel track which gave us 2 pinch punctures, and then finally carried bikes and panniers up a couple of boulders! By the time we'd reached a good site we were cursing the friendly local who'd recommended we come and have a look at these big old rocks...until we saw the view! As you can see it was awesome quite frankly. If you're ever in the Dolomites I highly recommend a visit here, though expect a long climb!
Some cracking mountains to brighten up your morning/midday/evening/night!

The First Post

10th March 2017

So the first post! This is it! The beginning of what I hope will be an enjoyable and informative experience for both of us! I want to use this post to just give you a bit more detail about what I hope this blog will be.

The idea when I first had it came about after sitting waiting for someone, trawling the internet on my phone in search of something interesting to read while I waited. After I inevitably found nothing and ended up bored for the duration of the wait, I realised that this was a regular problem for me. If there was just some site, or blog in fact, that was on a topic I'm interested in (bikes, specifically fixed and ss) that had regular updates of e.g. nice examples of fixed bikes, funny stories and tips that would give me something fresh each day to check in this downtime, something that I would really enjoy reading, with a common tone from the same author, then how good would that be? After a quick search nothing that immediately grabbed me came up - there were lots of great blogs, but nothing was the short, regular updates I wanted, and surely, I thought, other people must be feeling the same, so I thought I'd try and have a go myself, and, well, here we are!

Therefore, very briefly, that's what I aim to do. But this can only work if that's what the readers (that's you lot) also want! So please let me know by .